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Tree-Ring Services are specialists in obtaining a precise date of construction for timber-farmed buildings in the UK. Sampling involves the taking of a number of small pencil like cores from timbers and this process normally takes around 3-4 hours.

Full dendrochronological analysis usually takes 6-8 weeks; the final report is full colour and includes the methodology, a floor plan and photographic record of sampling locations. Where dating is successful a certificate of dendrochronological provenance is also issued. Fast track (4-week analysis) is sometimes possible at a small additional cost.

Contact us at if you have any queries or would like a quote. It often helps to include photos of timbers with e-mail communication, if you would like an initial assessment. Please be aware though that not all timbers can be dated through tree-ring analysis, the two main requirements in the UK are: a suitable species (oak, pine or yew), and timbers containing sufficient rings (ideally more than 50 rings).

Locating a report or a tree-ring dated house

Reports are listed by county and these lists may be accessed by clicking the appropriate button on the side-menu.

Buildings dated in Other Counties

Lancashire Moir, A K, 2009 Dendrochronological analysis of oak timbers from Dry Gap Farm, Edenfield, Ramsbotton, Gt Manchester, England , Tree-Ring Services, Dendro Rep, RADG/09/09.

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Leicestershire Moir, A K, 2015 Dendrochronological analysis of oak timbers from Yeoman Cottage, Shearby, Leicestershire, England, Tree-Ring Services, Dendro Rep, LEYC/30/15.

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North Yorkshire Moir, A K, 2007 Dendrochronological analysis of oak and pine timbers from York House, Malton, North Yorkshire, England, Tree-Ring Services, Dendro Rep, MAYH/06/07.

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Nottinghamshire Moir, A K, 2012 Dendrochronological analysis of oak timbers from Scrooby manor, Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, England, Tree-Ring Services, Dendro Rep, DNSM/33/12.

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France Moir, A K, 2016 Dendrochronological analysis of two oak timbers from 20 Lieu-dit Le Bourg, Les Graulges, France, Tree-Ring Services, Dendro Rep, FRLG/20/16.

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